You Pick

2013 Season - You Pick Apples starts in September 14th at 10am with Cortland and McIntosh.

Come visit Windy Hill Orchard and Farm Market and witness the beauty of the "harvest" in Central NY. It is a great way to spend time with your family and create new memories for years to come. Our Orchard has a variety of apples to choose from, and our expert staff is always there to answer your questions. We also have special apple picking equipment available for those hard to reach fruits.

We have a variety of apples to choose from: Summer Scarlet, Tydeman, Paula Red, Cortland, Ida Red, Liberty, Spigold, Macoun, Empire, Northern Spy, Burgandy, Red Delicious and Red Court.

Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy lunch on the orchard picnic tables.

**Those who do not want to pick their own, there are bags of pre-picked apples available in the Farm Market Store.