About Us

Windy Hill Orchard was started by the Allen Family who ran the Orchard for many years . Steve and Charlene Button purchased Windy Hill Orchard and Farm Market in 2007 and were not strangers to an agriculture business. Their 25 years of owning and operating a dairy farm make them the perfect proprietors. The business consists of forty acres of land, a retail store, cider pressing room and cold storage. Ten of the forty acres are planted with apple trees. They have a variety of apples to choose from: Summer Scarlet, Tydeman, Paula Red, Cortland, Ida Red, Liberty, Spigold, Macoun, Empire, Northern Spy, Burgandy, Red Delicious and Red Court.

Over the past couple of years, the Buttons have made improvements to the property, including the installation of a new cold storage unit and have planted over 200 new apple trees. Charlene helps to run the Windy Hill Orchard Farm Market, with an eye to presenting the best quality fruit and making sure every customer leaves pleased with their purchase. Meanwhile, Steve sees to the orchards needs, all the while keeping an eye out for new varieties of apples and different fruits to introduce customers to in the retail store. In addition to growing high quality, flavorful apples, Windy Hill Orchard freshly presses premium cider. All their cider is produced on the premises using their own homegrown apples. They believe by pressing their homegrown apples (and never adding concentrate, sweetener, color or flavoring), they capture the full array of taste and nutrients of the fruit, resulting in juices that are not only healthy but also make you say, “WOW! That tastes amazing!”